Job offers

AIR Meissen - work in the Meissen region

The new career portal for the district of Meissen has been since May 2017.

The focus of the specialist platform is on current vacancies, training and internships from the region. Numerous local companies are already represented and use the site as an additional means of communication in order to attract potential applicants. The portal is characterized by a high user-friendliness, a modern layout and a simple page navigation.

The offer at is completed by additional information. For example, prospective apprentices can learn about training opportunities and job areas of individual job profiles, which are trained in the Meissen district.

Companies and institutions benefit from a professional and individualized presentation on their own profile, on which job seekers get a first impression of their potential employer.
The creation of a company profile, as well as the placement of vacancies, training and internships, is free of charge.

Working in the Meissen region - is a service of the Wirtschaftsfoerderung Region Meissen GmbH. The Career Portal was funded by means of funds from the Saechsische Fachkraefterichtlinie within the framework of the Fachkraefteallianz Sachsen.