Welcome to the Economic Region Meissen

In our portal, you’ll find all relevant economic information revolving around Meissen County. Whether it be an introduction to our region, our salient locational factors, or our multifaceted services for your entrepreneurial and/or commercial interests: We’ll assist and support you with your individual plans or projects so that you’ll reach your objectives.

Our Region

Our Region

Geographically, Meissen County stretches from the Saxon state capital Dresden in the south all the way to the state border with neighboring Brandenburg in the north. It adjoins Bautzen County in the east, the County of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains in the south, and the County of Northern Saxony in the west. Meissen County not only offers a superb quality of life, but also excellent prerequisites for corporate growth and entrepreneurial success.

Unsere Wirtschaft

Our Economy

Commitment needs to be promoted, not hindered. As the economic development agency of Meissen County, we see ourselves as a service provider acting on behalf of entrepreneurs and business founders. We provide a comprehensive service portfolio to investors from Germany and abroad, ranging from consultations on the selection of a site all the way to the procurement of partners for cooperations.

Your Project

Your Project

It is our objective to assist and support you with our service portfolio in all your particular concerns and projects right from the start. Are you a business founder who has questions about the business start-up process, or are you an entrepreneur who wants to expand and/or relocate here or who needs additional employees? We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

Die WRM GmbH

The WRM GmbH

The Wirtschaftsförderung Region Meissen (WRM) GmbH corporation (Economic Development Corporation of the Meissen Region) is the partner for all companies already active in Meissen County or those wishing to start their business operations here. Our key task is to support you in safeguarding and expanding your company and to assist your business relocation plans.