Welcome to Meissen County!

The county owes its name to the city of Meissen, which is also referred to as the “cradle” of Saxony, and looks back on more than a thousand years of history.

The forests and lakes in and around Moritzburg, the fertile loess region Grossenhainer Pflege, the wetlands along the Röder River, the Lommatzscher Pflege as the bread basket of Saxony, the Jahna River valley near Riesa, the Zellwald forest near Nossen, and the unique Elbe River valley with its picturesque vineyards are all part of Meissen County’s natural treasures along with many other beautiful locations.

Around 241,000 inhabitants live and work in this multifaceted countryside. The county is administratively divided into 28 municipalities and encompasses a surface area of 1,452 km².

Meissen County not only offers a superb quality of life, but also excellent prerequisites for corporate growth and entrepreneurial success. If you’d like to get more information about the business venue Meissen region, then you’ve come to the right place.


surface area ca. 1.452 km²
inhabitants(2022) 241.343
inhabitants per km² (2022) 166
administrative division 5 District Seats
5 Cities
18 Municipalities


Geographically, Meissen County stretches from the Saxon state capital Dresden in the south all the way to the state border with neighboring Brandenburg in the north. It adjoins Bautzen County in the east, the County of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains in the south, and the County of Northern Saxony in the west.