Cities and Municipalities

Meissen County consists of 29 cities and municipalities, including 5 district seats, 5 cities, and 19 municipalities with more than 243,000 inhabitants. Meissen County has a total surface area of 1,452 km².

District Seats - In Meissen County


The District Seat Coswig is located in the Elbe River valley between the state capital Dresden and the thousand-year-old city of Meissen. The city has a surface area of approximately 26 km². Coswig not only excels with its scenic vineyards, but also with traditional crafts and modern industry.


The District Seat Grossenhain is a bustling and dynamic city with about 19,600 inhabitants. It is the economic and cultural center of the picturesque fertile loess growing region Grossenhainer Pflege. With its industrial and commercial lots, Grossenhain provides ideal prerequisites for business setups and a superb work environment.


Meissen is renowned as the city of porcelain and wine. The city is also actively committed towards expanding its ceramic industry and establishing Meissen’s Elbe River region as a health care venue. A hint of history can still be sensed in the thousand year old city. The well-known Frauenkirche Church with its porcelain carillon,Albrechtsburg Castle with the Cathedral visible from afar as well as Meissen’s historic Town Hall all bear witness of the city’s glorious past.


The District Seat Radebeul is an attractive residential and business location with a superbly developed infrastructure and top quality in the arts, culture, and recreation. Radebeul is located right in the heart of the Saxon Wine Route.


The District Seat Riesa stretches along the western banks of the Elbe River on a surface area of approximately 50 km². The city is not only a multifaceted industrial venue housing such branches as steel production, metal processing, electronics, and the tire industry, but also an important transportation hub. And Riesa has also evolved into a very popular sports and cultural town.

Cities - In Meissen County


The city located at the natural landscape Röderaue provides a superb infrastructure, a large variety of companies, and an excellent quality of life. As the “green lung,” visitors can use the Elsterwerda-Grödel raft channel which links the Elbe and Schwarze Elster Rivers.


The city of Lommatzsch is the economic and cultural center of the Lommatzscher Pflege, a fertile agricultural region which is also called “the bread basket of Saxony.” In addition to crafts and service enterprises, numerous other companies are also located in the city district.


Nossen has an idyllic location along the Freiberger Mulde River and at the edge of the Zellwald forest in the monastery district of Altzella. As a vibrant business location with superb transportation connections and a well-balanced mix of industrial branches, Nossen is highly regarded by many companies.


Radeburg possesses excellent transportation connections. That is why in addition to agriculture, the glass and ceramic industries, metal and plastics processing as well as measurement electronics are of primary economic relevance here.


Strehla is located approximately 10 km northeast of Riesa. It is a typical small medieval town with about 4,000 inhabitants and stretches across a total surface area of 3,007 ha. The bicycle path Dresden-Hamburg goes right through the beautiful Elbe River region.

Municipalities - In Meissen County