transportation infrastructure

Meissen County excels with a modern transportation infrastructure which is continuously being expanded and integrates all industrial and commercial zones as well as individual industrial sites.

Federal motorwaysFederal highwaysRail networkAirportsInland ports
A 4 Dresden – FrankfurtB 6 Bautzen – HannoverDresden – LeipzigDresden InternationalRiesa
A 13 Dresden – BerlinB 98 Zeithain – OppachDresden – BerlinLeipzig – HalleDresden
A 14 Nossen – Leipzig – HalleB 101 Aue – BerlinDresden – Prag  
A 17 Dresden – PragB 169 Cottbus – NeuensatzSchnellbahnnetz  
 B 175 Nossen – Döbeln   
 B 182 Riesa – Kemberg   

Rail Network
Meissen County is superbly linked to the regional, national, and international rail system. Numerous passenger and freight stations are located here.

The international airports Dresden and Leipzig/Halle can be reached in no time via well developed federal motorways. Also located in Meissen County is the Riesa-Göhlis airfield which handles primarily flights for private and business travelers as well as small charter planes weighing up to 5.7

In addition to a number of smaller rivers, the Elbe River is the county’s main waterway. It is not only a place for recreation and relaxation for the large number of water sports enthusiasts, but also an important trading route for the transportation of goods. Riesa is home to Saxony’s largest domestic port. The domestic port Riesa has a significant function as a trimodal logistics interface between road, rail, and ship.

The entire logistics network in Meissen County connects educational and research institutions, commercial enterprises, and also municipalities with one another; thus, providing quick and easy access as well as ideal locational prerequisites for the Meissen region.