A particular strong point of Meissen County is its multifaceted regional economic structure. For many centuries, the traditional economic branches in the region have been the steel industry, machine construction, the manufacture of porcelain and ceramics as well as the chemical industry.

economic data

social insurance contributions employees (2021)
Industrial density (2021)
employees in the manufacturing
industry per 1.000 inhabitants
unemployment rate (05-2024)
GDP per capita (2021)
Arevipharma Radebeul

Over the past few decades, Meissen County has undergone a positive development. For example, Meissen County exhibits an above average gross domestic product per gainfully employed person in a Saxonwide comparison. When it comes to industrial density (employees in the manufacturing industry), the county even exceeds the German average. It is now essential to continuously strengthen this positive economic trend also in the future. The Wirtschaftsförderung Region Meissen (WRM) GmbH corporation is also committed to accomplishing this task.